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Description List

The Description List element displays a vertical list. It has Title, Meta, Content and Link fields.
  • Fabric
    100% Organic Wool
  • Color
    Blue, Cream, Brown
  • Size
    50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80

Markers, Style and Size

The Description List element has various list options. For example, select a marker and its color, a list style as well as a padding between list items.

List Item Layout

Define the layout of the title, meta and content. Choose between a grid layout to display the title, meta and content side by side or a stacked layout to stack them below each other.
  • Trip Type

    Group of 5-10 people
  • Duration

    5 - 8 days
  • Starting Location

    Tongariro National Park
  • Sweet Paris Breakfast

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur
  • Low-Carb Omelette

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur
  • Overnight Quinoa Oats

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur
  • Wild & Berry Granola

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur

Title Grid Width

If a grid layout is selected, choose whether the title column width is the same size as the title, a fixed width or if it expands to fill the available space. Define the grid gaps and set the breakpoint from which the title stacks.


  • Description:
    269" x 39" x 23"
  • Material:
    Hemlock Wood
  • Weight:
  • Designer:
    Jane Doe

Fixed Width


  • Monday
    12 AM - 7 PM
  • Tuesday
    10 AM - 4 PM
  • Wednesday
  • Saturday
    10 AM - 2 PM


Optionally, display a leader between the title and the content.
  • Italian cornsalad with bacon, fruits and vinaigrette
  • Burrata in tomato sugo with oven-baked bread
  • Basil-citrus panna cotta on strawberry mirror
  • Salmon with spring potatoes and a seasonal salad
  • Indian cauliflower and red lentil curry with coconut
  • Catch-of-the-day sea scallops with brown rice
  • Hearty beef and beetroot stew with bacon bites
  • Beef medallions, potatoes and watercress salad
  • Stuffed chicken with blanched spinach
  • Chocolate lava cake with mango mascarpone
  • Carrot miso soup with dried ginger chips
  • Vietnamese noodles with beef and lime dressing
  • Tuna steak with soy sauce and courgetti noodles
  • Chicken drum sticks with oven baked vegetable
  • Cardamom Crème brûlée with orange filets

Meta Alignment

Align the meta text above or below title or content.
  • Studio of 2020

    Cosmetic Magazine
    Amet consequat arcu enim consectetur venenatis adipiscing porta felis. Tellus tortor sed libero cursus vestibulum purus sagittis vel cras quia accumsan lectus pellentesque wisi fermentum purus.
  • Trainee Award

    Environmental Department
    Pulvinar iaculis et volutpat est accumsan. Et viverra suscipit lorem felis dictum pulvinar libero dignissim. Nunc suspendisse commodo. Id elementum nunc vitae molestie.
  • Economy Medal

    Ministry of Economy
    Tortor vitae vulputate. Wisi pellentesque faucibus. Eget vel eu sed mauris arcu. Id fusce eget. Dolor ullamcorper egestas pede eu imperdiet sed odio ipsum. Sapien ut odio sed tristique sed.

More Settings

Options for the different content fields are described in the corresponding Headline, Text and Button element documentation.